Now that Avid Xpress Pro (in combination with the Avid Mojo hardware accelerator) makes true real-time video, film, and audio editing possible from virtually any location in the world, Hollywood¿s video editing software of choice is being adopted far beyond Hollywood as well. To get up to speed on both it and Avid XPress DV quickly and efficiently, you¿ll want this easy, task-based volume. The entire video-editing process¿from getting a DV project rolling to advanced editing and distribution methods¿is covered here. Video guru James Monohan leaves no stone unturned as he shows you how to set up and customize your desktop; record and import files; integrate audio; create titles, dissolves, and transitions; correct color; add special effects; use plug-ins; render real-time effects; output to disc and the Web; and more. Along the way you¿ll learn about all of XPress DV¿s and XPress Pro¿s most exciting newer features: automatic expert color correction, advanced filtering and effects, powerful film support, high-quality output, and more.

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