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3 Chapter 1. DVD Basics: DVD is your next design ] Okay. We'll admit it. We're all fired up about the new creative possibilities of the DVD format. "Hol- lywood" DVDs have been around for a while, but only recently have ordinary people like us been able to think about creating our own. The recent availability of affordable DVD hardware and soft- ware opens up a whole new world of interactive design and communication with video. Once the domain of high-end specialists, DVD creation (or authoring) is now within the grasp of people with creative ideas but modest budgets. DVD is a great format for regular non-Hollywood types who want to express their creativity with video. The most obvious benefit of consumer DVD is that we now have a reliable way to archive all those home video tapes lying around. Editing your home movies and saving them to DVD might just be convenient enough so you and your family will actually watch some of that old footage from time to time. Beyond home movies, the list of uses includes independent films, event videos (weddings, parties,