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Chapter 11. Designing with Moton Graphic... > Video Compositing - Pg. 207

207 Chapter 11. Designing with Moton Graphics: Use video compositing techniques to create motion menus Motion graphics are literally graphics in motion. They are usually short clips of video (30 to 60 seconds in duration) that play repeatedly (called looping ) to create special effects, set a mood, or add pizzazz and non-stop visual interest to a menu. They can also act as introductions to content or as transitions between menus or video tracks. Motion graphics may be animated abstract shapes moving around on the screen, or a video clip playing in the background of a menu. They often appear as miniature video clips inset into a menu to provide video previews of content. Including motion graphics in menu design enhances the entire DVD experience by adding enter- tainment to the navigation process. Motion menus aren't necessary--or even appropriate--for all