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The Pavement: Kristen O'Sullivan, Lloyd Shaer

Finishing Post: Mark Harwood

La F@KTORY: Marek Doszla

Stanford Design: Ron Stanford

MPL Media: Scott Long

Additional support

Tiz Beretta

Mark Kimonedes

Michael Schwartz

Heyday Satoh

Atsuko Shimizu

Clay Williard

Kansas (Phil Ehart)

Panorama Point: Andy Alsop, Alisa Smith

Software companies

Sonic: Paul Lefebvre

Adobe: Jill Devlin

Apple: Jerry Hsu








Primera Technology, Inc.


TriLab Productions

Stage Tools MovingPicture



Route 66 Sandwich Shop, Santa Fe

Bonanza Creek Ranch, Santa Fe


Bruce Nazarian

Friends in personal menu examples

40th Birthday: Roni Rohr, Rich and Fran Powers, Rich and Al Feit, Mary Jane Rohr, Annabelle Smith, Joan Wren

1950s and '60s Home Movies: Mathias Rohr, Julius Rohr

Biking Across Kansas: Sherry McKee, Mark Levine, Charlie Summers, Denise Duerksen, Donna Allen

Bonanza Creek Ranch: Imogene Hughes

Burns Supper: Ross Carter, Nick Lawrence, Andrew, Jim Wallace

Clan Tynker: The Whippos: Elijah, Marygold, Rebekah, Sarah, Sam, and Santiago Carrillo

Danny Wilding: Danny Wilding

Durango to Quray: Tom Brimacombe

Hands On Community Art: Betsy Millard

The Lead Veins: Greg Epman, Caitlin Love, Jimmy Thomas (Williams), Stevan Wintermeyer

Ozark Folk Music: Ed Stilley

Recital and Yearbook: Scarlett Williams

Return to Bhaktapur: Robin Williams

Ritmo del Alma: Domino and Keyana

Scarlett in Concert: Scarlett Williams

Whatta Year: Scarlett Willams

Looking for Mary: Dana Evans, Jim'Bo Norrena, Laura Egley Taylor, Robin Williams

Journey through Nepal: John Tollett

Various example graphics: Amy Rohr, Matthew Rohr, Leonard Feit

Editing and production support

Nancy Davis, Laura Taylor, Hilal Sala

Special thanks

From John:

Thanks to David Rohr for the original book idea and his contributions of design, technical knowledge, and friendship.

From David:

A heartfelt thanks to my pal John for investing his vast talent and enthusiasm into this book. It's been a real privilege to partner with him to explore yet another design frontier. I give my love and appreciation to Roni, Matthew, and Amy, for their constant support and endurance throughout this long project.

From John and David:

Special thanks to Ada DeAguero and the Ritmo del Alma flamenco dance troupe, Danny Wilding, and Clan Tynker, for their gracious cooperation, inspiration, and enthusiasm for this project.

A giant thank you to the designers who submitted DVD designs and spent considerable time and energy obtaining permissions to reproduce their beautiful work in this book.

Also, many thanks to Nancy Davis for being more than a great editor, Hilal Sala for great production assistance, and to Nancy Ruenzel for giving us this opportunity.

And extra special thanks to Robin for her suggestions, guidance, editing, inspiration, and expert project supervision.

From Robin:

Thanks to John and Dave for a great job!

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