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Chapter 1. Premiere Basics > Using Contextual Menus - Pg. 7

Premiere Basics 7 Using Contextual Menus In addition to accessing commands from the menu bar at the top of the screen, you can use con- textual menus. Though contextual menus are part of both Windows and Mac operating systems, not all Mac users are familiar with them. As the name suggests, contextual menus appear in a particular context or area of the screen. In other words, the contextual menu for a clip in the timeline contains commands that relate to clips in the timeline, the contextual menu for the bin panel of the Project window contains commands that relate to it, and so on. To access a contextual menu: 1. Position the pointer on the appropriate window or item, and dows). A menu relating to the window or item appears (Figure 1.12). -click (Mac) or right-click (Win-