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Video Safe Zones

Though the Monitor window displays the entire video frame, television monitors are likely to crop off the outer edges of the image. If your program is destined for full-screen display on a video monitor, you may need to check whether certain parts of the image fall within the video safe zones.

In video, the inner 90 percent of the complete image is considered to be action-safe—that is, everything within that area is likely to appear on most television screens. The inner 80 percent is considered to be title-safe. Because you can’t afford to let any of the title’s content be lost, the title-safe area defines a necessary safety margin. The safe-zone guides are for your reference only; they aren’t added to the source image and don’t appear in the program output.

To view safe zones:

  • From the Monitor window’s pull-down menu, choose either of the following options (Figure 4.7):

    Figure 4.7. From the Monitor window pull-down menu, choose options to display safe zones in the source and program views.

    Safe Margins for Source Side— Safe-zone guides appear in the source view.

    Safe Margins for Program Side— Safe-zone guides appear in the program view.

    Safe-zone guides appear in the corresponding view of the Monitor window (Figure 4.8). Deselect your option in the pull-down menu to hide the safe-zone guides again.

    Figure 4.8. The outer guide indicates the action-safe zone; the inner guide indicates the title-safe zone. Safe-zone guides don’t appear in the final output.


  • As you might guess, safe zones are particularly useful when you’re creating titles or moving images through the screen. See Chapter 12, “Creating Titles,” or Chapter 14, “Motion Settings,” for more information.

  • Though the Monitor window’s pull-down menu contains options that allow you to change the position of the safe-zone guides, 80 percent and 90 percent of the image are standard.

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