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Chapter 12. Creating Titles > Setting Text Properties

Setting Text Properties

You can assign numerous properties—color, drop shadow, and so on—to any object in the drawing area. However, some properties are exclusive to text. (See the next section, “Using the Font Browser,” to learn how to select a font.)

To set text properties:

Select all or part of a text object.

In the Properties section of the Object Style area of the Title Designer window, set any of the following (Figure 12.41):

Figure 12.41. Edit the text, as needed. Use the Object Style section of the Title Designer to adjust properties.

Font— lists fonts in a pull-down menu

Font Size— sets the size of the text in points

Aspect— sets the horizontal (x) and vertical (y) scale of the selected font

Leading— sets the spacing between lines of text

Kerning— sets the spacing between character pairs; position the cursor between the characters you wish to adjust

Tracking— sets the spacing between a range of characters

Baseline Shift— sets the distance of text characters from the baseline; use this to create superscript and subscript

Slant— sets the slant of text, in degrees

All Caps— when selected, makes selected characters display as uppercase; all characters except the leading character (the first letter each word) become “small caps”

Small Caps Size— when the All Caps check box is selected, sets the size of small caps as a percentage of the ordinary capital letter’s height

Underline— when selected, underlines selected characters

Distort (x, y)— distorts the selected characters; adjust the x value to distort the selection along its horizontal axis; adjust the y value to distort along the vertical axis



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