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Chapter 7. Using the Timeline and the Ca... > Customizing Timeline Display Options

Customizing Timeline Display Options

Timeline display options are customizable for each sequence. The Timeline Options tab of the Sequence Settings window is a central location for reviewing or modifying your Timeline display options. Your custom display settings will apply only to the currently open sequence. If you want the same customized Timeline display to appear every time you create a new sequence, you can specify your preferred Timeline display setup on the Timeline Options tab of the Preferences window. For preferences setting details, see Chapter 2, “Welcome to Final Cut Pro.”

To set clip display mode on video tracks for the current sequence:

Make the Timeline active; then choose Sequence > Settings.

When the Sequence Settings window appears, click the Timeline Options tab (Figure 7.28).

Figure 7.28. Click the Timeline Options tab in the Sequence Settings window.

From the Thumbnail Display pop-up menu, select from three thumbnail display options (Figure 7.29):

  • Name displays the name of the clip and no thumbnail images.

  • Name Plus Thumbnail displays the first frame of every clip as a thumbnail image and then the name of the clip.

  • Filmstrip displays as many thumbnail images as possible for the current zoom level of the Timeline.

Figure 7.29. Select a name display option from the Thumbnail Display pop-up menu.

Click OK.



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