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Chapter 3. Input: Getting Digital with Your Video

Chapter 3. Input: Getting Digital with Your Video

This chapter explains how to use Final Cut Pro's input features. The logging and capture functions have been designed to facilitate some common post-production strategies.

Logging and capturing are independent operations in Final Cut Pro. You can use the logging process to assess all your material for the entire project when you are getting underway. Your logged, offline clips are ready to be captured when you're ready for them, and they won't be taking up space on your hard drives.

You can use the Log and Capture window to review and log the media on an entire source tape and then capture all the clips that you want from that tape in one operation, called a batch capture.

Recapturing media is another vital process in most desktop video editing post-production plans. For more information, see the sidebar “The Wonders of Batch Recapture” later in this chapter.

This chapter also includes details on importing audio, still images, and other media files.

It's important to note that you will not be able to use the most powerful automated capture and output features unless your external video hardware supports device control. You still can capture clips that are logged and manually captured while the tape is playing, but you won't be able to perform automated batch capture and recapture or assemble segments of your project using the Edit to Tape feature when you're ready to output your final product to tape.



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