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Chapter 2. Your Camera > Assignment 5: Fix the Timecode

Assignment 5: Fix the Timecode

Let me be clear about this: You can't fix broken timecode. The only remedy you have is to reshoot the broken sequence over its current location on the tape. But what if you had shot an important, once-in-a-lifetime event? You'd have to choose between putting up with broken timecode and losing that crucial shot. Don't put yourself in this position. Just keep the timecode clean. Here's how to correct the broken timecode from the previous assignment.

Make sure your camera is in VCR mode.

Press Play.

While you're watching the video you shot, press and hold the Rewind button until you get to the still shots you took by your bed.

Let go of the Rewind button; the tape will resume playing. Watch the timecode numbers.

Count aloud the timecode seconds as the tape plays. When it reaches the blue gap, the timecode will disappear. Remember the last number you saw.

Rewind to get back to the recorded area. Then play it again, until the code gets to 2 seconds before the last number counted.

Press Stop.

Switch back into Camera mode. The VCR controls disappear, and you will again see the live video coming through the lens. A timecode number is displayed on the LCD. Now you can record. Yes, you will be recording over the end of the last shot, but this is the only way to make the timecode continue from that spot.

Shoot the living-room scene one more time. Hold still, frame your shot, press Record, and don't move for 15 seconds while you capture the scene. Note that this shot will be a little longer than the first time so that you don't leave any of the old shot “sticking out” under this new one.



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