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Chapter 6. Editing > The Art of Editing - Pg. 137

Editing Short inserts placed between the segments eliminate the jump cuts and bridge the transitions. For the bold and advanced: Because your software probably forces you to cut pictures and sound together, during the inserts you'll notice a pause, a breath, a break from the interview. This may be nice and appropriate, but it could result in boring moments. What you really need is software that will let you do the insert in the picture track only, leaving the audio to keep on playing. The insert can go anywhere "over" the jump and creates a visual bridge while not interrupting the sound. It would look something like this: A more sophisticated method is to make the inserts in the picture track only, leaving the audio track unchanged. If your software doesn't allow these pix-only inserts (as they are called), don't worry about it. Just understand that this is the next step for making a professional transition from one shot to another.