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Chapter 6. Editing > Your Post-Production Schedule

Your Post-Production Schedule

Now that you've finished shooting, you will need to dedicate a couple of hours to organizing and editing the material. Just so you have some idea of how these hours will be spent, let's break down a typical post-production schedule (say, Sunday afternoon from 2 p.m. until just before dinner). For the two hours you might spend editing your 20 minutes of material down to a 3-minute video, your time would go something like this:

  • 20 minutes capturing everything into the computer. You can log the material while this is happening (if you haven't done it previously). This is a good time to watch your footage and think about what you want to do with it.

  • 45 minutes cutting together a first cut—selecting shots from the raw footage and cutting them into a good basic order. Much of the time spent editing is simply watching what you have cut: playing it forward (and backward), looking at the transitions, and feeling the flow.

  • 30 minutes recutting and trimming transitions. This means shortening (and occasionally lengthening) shots—take a bit off the end of one shot, nip the head of the next, and generally speed things up a little. I've never seen a first cut that couldn't be improved with some trimming on almost every shot.

  • 15 minutes messing with titles and rendering effects. You'll have some fade-in and fade-out stuff, as well as a title or two (probably not lasting more than a few seconds onscreen). Even 60 or 100 frames of processed effects won't take more than a few minutes of rendering, in a slow computer. And don't forget to take a break: Rendering time is a great opportunity to stand up, look away from the computer, and stretch.

  • 10 minutes dubbing the final 3-minute video to DV tape, and for anything else.



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