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Chapter 7. Working with Tracks > Scaling a Track to a Specific Duration

Scaling a Track to a Specific Duration

Using the QuickTime Player features that we cover in this chapter and in Chapter 6, you can change the duration of an existing QuickTime track to whatever length you want. The technique, however, isn’t quite as simple as you might like.

To change the duration of a track:

If the track in question is combined with other tracks, from the Edit menu, choose the Extract Tracks command (Figure 7.13) to create a movie containing only that track.

Figure 7.13. Use the Extract Tracks command to extract the track you want to scale.

See “Extracting Tracks” earlier in this chapter for details.

Click the window that contains the track with the duration you want to change; choose Edit > Select All; then choose Edit > Copy.

Locate and open another movie whose duration is equal to or greater than that which you desire for your track.

The content of this movie doesn’t matter; you’re interested only in its duration.

If the movie’s duration is greater than what you desire, select a portion that’s equal to what you want (Figure 7.14).

Figure 7.14. From another movie, select a portion that is equal to your desired duration.

Use the Time panel in the Properties window to help with this task (see “Getting Time Information About the Movie and the Selection” in Chapter 6).

From the Edit menu, choose Add Scaled (Figure 7.15).

Figure 7.15. When you use the Add Scaled command, the added track scales to the duration of the selection.

The added track is now your desired duration.

From the Edit menu, choose Extract Tracks to display the Extract Tracks dialog box (Figure 7.16), and separate the track that you just added from the rest of the tracks.

Figure 7.16. Extract the scaled track from the movie to which you just added it.



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