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Chapter 12. Working with Audio Tracks > Changing the Default Volume, Balance, B...

Changing the Default Volume, Balance, Bass, and Treble

You can change your audio track’s default volume. You can also adjust the balance, making the audio louder on the left or on the right (assuming that the movie is played back in stereo, of course). In addition, you can increase the low frequencies (bass) or high frequencies (treble) of a sound track. You can make these changes by using the Volume controller and the balance, bass, and treble controls, as described in Chapter 3, but the changes remain in effect only as long as the movie is open. Here we’ll show you how to make the changes in the movie’s Properties window, in which case the changes in volume and balance are saved when the movie is saved. Changes in bass and treble are temporary, however.

To change the default volume:

From the Movie menu, choose Get Movie Properties to open the movie’s Properties window.

From the left pop-up menu, choose the sound track for which you’d like to change the volume; from the right pop-up menu, choose Volume.

The Volume panel appears (Figure 12.13).

Figure 12.13. The Volume panel of the Properties window.

Drag the bar in the top horizontal rectangle, labeled Volume, or click the rectangle to make the bar move automatically to the point you clicked.

The farther to the right the bar extends, the higher the volume. The number below the bar represents the percentage of normal volume. If you set the volume beyond 100 percent of normal, the part of the bar to the right of center turns red to warn you that the sound may become distorted.

When you play a movie with a soundtrack, the sound track’s volume level is represented graphically by the small rectangles labeled Level that fill in from left to right. The Level display doesn’t function for music tracks or Flash tracks.



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