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Chapter 9. Video and MPEG Tracks - Pg. 217

217 Chapter 9. Video and MPEG Tracks Video tracks are the most common tracks in QuickTime movies and are, in fact, what most people associate with QuickTime. Because video tracks are almost always compressed, we'll provide some background information about video compression. Then we'll describe the Compression Settings dialog box, which is used in the exercises in this chapter, as well as in later chapters that discuss movie delivery. Although people often create video tracks by capturing video from a camcorder or VCR in a Quick- Time file, QuickTime Player doesn't have capture functions, so we won't cover that topic. You can, however, use the Player to create video tracks when you have existing still-image, video, or ani- mation files, so we will explain those techniques. We'll also go over how you can create a QuickTime file from an MPEG movie file, which results in an MPEG track rather than a video track. Note that this chapter covers those aspects of QuickTime and QuickTime Player that apply only to