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Chapter 10. Text Tracks > Creating Chapter Lists

Creating Chapter Lists

As we explained in chapters 3 and 5, chapter lists give users a quick way to move to designated spots—called chapters—in a movie.

To create a chapter list:

Create a text track that contains the text you want to use as chapter names with time stamps specifying when you want each chapter to appear.

The technique described in “Creating a Text Track That’s Synced to Other Tracks” earlier in this chapter probably will be useful.

Add the text track to the movie in which you want the chapters to appear.

Use the Add command, found in the Edit menu and covered in Chapter 7 in the section “Combining Tracks with the Add and Add Scaled Commands.”

From the Movie menu, choose Get Movie Properties to open the Properties window.

From the left pop-up menu, choose the text track that you just added; from the right pop-up menu, choose Make Chapter.

In the Make Chapter panel, click Set Chapter Owner Track (Figure 10.20).

Figure 10.20. In the Make Chapter panel of the Properties window, click the Set Chapter Owner Track button.

The Select Chapter Owner Track dialog box appears.

Select any track from your movie (Figure 10.21).

Figure 10.21. In the Select Chapter Owner Track dialog box, choose any track from your movie.

It doesn’t matter which track you choose as long, as that track will remain in the movie.

Click OK.

The track that you selected in step 6 is now listed in the Make Chapter panel. In the Player window, the chapter control appears to the right of the Time slider (Figure 10.22).

Figure 10.22. You get a chapter list composed of the frames from your text track. You’ll probably want to disable the text track to make it invisible.

Disable the text track, following the steps in “Disabling and Enabling Tracks” in Chapter 7.

This step assumes that you don’t want to have a visible text track in addition to a chapter list.

Save the movie.



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