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Chapter 13. Sound Tracks and MPEG Audio ... > Changing the Characteristics of a So...

Changing the Characteristics of a Sound Track

You can use QuickTime Player to change the characteristics of a sound track (but not an MPEG audio track). In general, you will want to do this to lower the track’s data rate. We’ll show you one general technique here. (We cover another technique in “Compressing Selected Tracks” in Chapter 15. We’ll also talk about specific choices you might make when we discuss preparing movies for the Web in Chapter 16 and preparing movies for CD-ROMs and kiosks in Chapter 19.)

To change the characteristics of a sound track:

From the File menu, choose Export (Figure 13.21).

Figure 13.21. Choose File > Export.

A Save dialog box appears.

From the Export pop-up menu, choose Sound to AIFF; then click the Options button (Figure 13.22).

Figure 13.22. Choose Sound to AIFF, and click the Options button.

The Sound Setting dialog box appears. (Figure 13.23).

Figure 13.23. In the Sound Settings dialog box, you can change properties of the sound track.

Make your choices; then click OK.

(See “About the Sound Settings Dialog Box” earlier in this chapter for an overview, as well as chapters 16 and 19 for specific recommendations.)

You return to the Save dialog box.

Click Save to export the file.

In QuickTime Player, open the exported file.

You now have a new version of your original soundtrack. If the sound track was originally accompanied by other tracks, you’ll need to delete the original sound track and add the new track. Deleting and adding techniques are covered in Chapter 7.



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