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Chapter 2. QuickTime Player Basics > Converting Non-QuickTime Files

Converting Non-QuickTime Files

Compared with the number of file formats that QuickTime can open directly, there is a smaller number of formats that QuickTime converts to QuickTime movies before opening. When converted, these files act just like any other QuickTime file. Files that need to be converted include Macintosh System 7 Sound files, PICT still-image files, and PICS animation files. You can also convert text, MIDI, and karaoke music files, though you can open these directly, as described in “Opening Non-QuickTime Files” earlier in this chapter.

To convert a non-QuickTime file (Mac OS 9 and Windows):

From the File menu, choose Import (Figure 2.10).

Figure 2.10. Choose Import from QuickTime Player’s File menu when you have a multimedia file that QuickTime won’t open directly.

In the Open dialog box, locate and select the movie file you want to open. The Open button changes to the Convert button (Figure 2.11). Note that the name of this button is followed by an ellipsis (…) to indicate that a further step is required.

Figure 2.11. When you select a file that QuickTime can convert to a QuickTime file, the Open button changes to Convert… (with an ellipsis).

Click the Convert button.

The Save dialog box appears (Figure 2.12), because you need to save the file as a movie so that the Player can open it.

Figure 2.12. After you click the Convert button, the Save dialog box appears. Specify the name and location of the new file that will be created by converting to QuickTime.

Specify where to save the file, change the name of the file if you want, and then click Save.



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