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Chapter 1. QuickTime Basics > Upgrading to QuickTime 5 Pro

Upgrading to QuickTime 5 Pro

Unless you already have the Pro edition of QuickTime 5, you need to upgrade to it after installing QuickTime 5. To do so, you’ll purchase a $29.99 registration code from Apple and then enter it in your system.

To purchase a registration code:

Do one of the following:

  • Open the Get QuickTime Pro Web page http://www.apple.com/quicktime/buy/ in your Web browser.


  • When you see the window advertising the Pro version (Figure 1.16), click the Get QuickTime 5 Pro Now (Mac OS 9 or Windows) or Go Pro Now (Mac OS X) button. (This advertisement appears auto-matically the first time you run QuickTime Player or the first time the browser encounters a movie on a Web page, if you haven’t already upgraded to Pro.)

    Figure 1.16. Click the Get QuickTime 5 Pro Now button in the Get QuickTime Pro window to go to the Get QuickTime Pro page automatically.


  • Open the QuickTime Settings control panel (Mac OS 9 and Windows) or the QuickTime pane (Mac OS X). (If you’re not sure where to find these, see the sidebar, “Where Is the QuickTime Settings Control Panel or the QuickTime Pane?”) Then, from the pop-up menu, choose Registration (Mac OS 9 and Windows, Figure 1.17) or click the Registration button (Mac OS X, Figure 1.18). Then, in the Registration panel or dialog (Figure 1.19), click the Register On-line button.

    Figure 1.17. (Mac OS 9 and Windows) Choose Registration in the QuickTime Settings control panel.

    Figure 1.18. (Mac OS X) Click the Registration button in the QuickTime pane.

    Figure 1.19. Click the Register On-line button to go to the Get QuickTime Pro page.

    Follow the instructions you find on the Get QuickTime Pro page to purchase QuickTime Pro.

    You’ll receive (via e-mail) a registration code, also called an unlock code, which you’ll need to enter to unlock the Pro features.



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