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Chapter 14. Music Tracks > Changing Instruments in a Music Track

Changing Instruments in a Music Track

Recall that a music track, like a MIDI file, is composed of a sequence of commands specifying how sound samples, or instruments, should be played. Most instruments have the same names and sounds as their real-world counterparts, such as piano and bassoon. Other instruments emulate sound effects, such as a telephone ring or gunshot. In any music track, you can easily switch the instrument used for a part of the piece.

To change instruments:

From the Movie menu, choose Get Movie Properties to open the movie’s Properties window.

From the left pop-up menu, choose the music track; from the right pop-up menu, choose Instruments.

A list of instruments appears in the window (Figure 14.9). These instruments are the ones that are used in the music track.

Figure 14.9. The Instruments panel of the Properties window lists the instruments used in the track.

Double-click an instrument in the list.

A dialog box (labeled Instrument Picker in Windows, unlabeled for Mac OS) appears (Figure 14.10).

Figure 14.10. When you double-click an instrument in the Instruments panel, this dialog box appears.

Leave Default Synthesizer selected in the top pop-up menu; then choose a new instrument by changing the selection in the Category or Instrument pop-up menu, or both (Figure 14.11).

Figure 14.11. Pick a new instrument.



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