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Appendix A. Mouse and Keyboard Tricks

Appendix A. Mouse and Keyboard Tricks

Tables A.1 through A.4 list various keyboard and mouse actions that perform useful functions in QuickTime Player or with the standard controller. Although we mentioned many of these actions in the book, we’ve consolidated them here for your convenience. (We haven’t listed the keyboard equivalents that appear in QuickTime Player’s menus.) Note that when you see the standard controller, it is normally in some other application (such as a Web browser or multimedia authoring tool); this application may have other uses for some of the key combinations described in this appendix (in Tables A.2 and A.4), in which case those key combinations won’t work as we describe. Also, you may have to click the movie to make it the active element in the environment in which you are working before any key combinations will work.

Table A.1. Mac OS Mouse and Keyboard Shortcuts and Enhancements That Work in QuickTime Player
Shortcut/Action What it Does
Play button Plays all frames
drag Resize control Scales to next “good” size
drag Resize control Scales movie disproportionately
and keys Raise and lower volume
and keys Step back and advance active indicator one frame
and Play if the movie is paused; pause if the movie is playing
(period) Stops playing
Double-click movie image Plays
Click playing movie image Stops playing
Plays the movie backward
double-click movie image Plays the movie backward
Current Selection indicator active Jumps to end of movie or end of selection
Current Selection indicator active Jumps to beginning of movie or beginning of selection
pointer over image Zooms in (in VR movie)
pointer over image Zooms out (in VR movie)
pull down File menu Open Movie in New Player replaces Open Movie (or vice versa if preferences are set differently)
Paste, Add, or Add Scaled[*] Brings up Text Import Settings dialog box or Compression Settings dialog box (doesn’t work in OS X)
Compression Settings dialog box click image sample in Zooms in
click image sample in Compression Settings dialog box Zooms out
click close box of Player window Closes all open Player windows

[*] When pasting or adding text copied from editor or graphic copied from graphics application



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