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Chapter 17. Creating Web Pages with Movi... > Making an Internet Movie Appear in Q...

Making an Internet Movie Appear in QuickTime Player

Earlier in this chapter, we covered basic techniques for embedding movies in Web pages. You may want your Web-page viewers to watch your QuickTime movies in QuickTime Player, however. This section describes the basic technique.

To make a movie open in QuickTime Player:

Create a poster movie, as described in “Creating a Small Movie to Use As a Poster Movie” earlier in this chapter.

The poster movie doesn’t need to have the same dimensions as the movie you want to play in QuickTime Player. In fact, a common technique involves creating a still-image poster movie from a small graphic, such as that shown in Figure 17.23. Position the mouse pointer in the HTML body of the Web page where you want the poster movie to appear.

Figure 17.23. When you intend for a movie to appear in QuickTime Player, it’s often appropriate to use a small graphic as a poster movie.

Type <EMBED SRC="myposter.mov" CONTROLLER=false WIDTH=w HEIGHT=h HREF="myreal.mov", replacing myposter.mov with the location of your poster movie file, w with the width of your poster movie, h with the height of your poster movie, and myreal.mov with the location of the movie you want to appear in QuickTime Player.

Type TARGET="QuickTimePlayer". This special value for the TARGET attribute specifies that the movie should open in QuickTime Player.

Type the final > to close the EMBED tag. Figure 17.24 shows the full tag.

Figure 17.24. This EMBED tag displays the movie myposter.mov and opens the movie myreal.mov in QuickTime Player when the user clicks.



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