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Chapter 6. Basic Movie Editing > Drag-and-Drop Editing

Drag-and-Drop Editing

Drag-and-drop editing allows you to drag data from one window to another easily within and between applications (such as QuickTime Player) that support that type of editing. Dragging and dropping provides the same function as copying and pasting but usually is faster.

To perform a simple drag-and-drop edit in QuickTime Player:

Arrange your desktop so that at least portions of two movie windows are visible, and select part of one of the movies.

If you don’t select any data, QuickTime Player assumes that the current frame is the selection.

Click the image and, continuing to hold down the mouse button, drag toward the other window.

You’ll see a ghosted frame the size of the movie image containing a small translucent image of the movie (Figure 6.39). As you drag over the other movie window, a moving border (which looks something like a barber pole) appears in that window, indicating that it can receive the data (Figure 6.40).

Figure 6.39. When you click in the movie window and drag, a ghosted image appears.

Figure 6.40. When you drag over another movie window, an animated border appears to show that you can drop the data there.

Release the mouse button when you’ve positioned the data over the other movie window (drop the data).

The data is pasted into the movie before the location of the Current Location indicator (or at the end of the movie, if that’s where the Current Location indicator is).



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