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Getting Started 1. Locate the After Effects preferences folder on your computer: 3 2. 3. For Windows 2000: .../Documents and Settings/< user name >/Application Data/Adobe/Af- ter Effects/Prefs. b. For Windows 98 and Windows ME: .../Windows/Application Data/Adobe/After Effects/ Prefs. c. For Windows NT: .../Winnt/Profiles/< user name >/Application Data/Adobe/After Effects/ Prefs. d. For Mac OS: .../System/Preferences. Delete or rename the Adobe After Effects 5 Prefs.txt file (Windows) or the Adobe After Effects 5 Prefs file (Mac OS). Start Adobe After Effects. a. (Windows only) If you do not see the Prefs file, be sure that the Show all files option is selected for Hidden files on the View tab of the Folder Options dialog box. Note Copying the lesson files The lessons in Adobe After Effects 5.0 Classroom in a Book use specific source files, such as image files created in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, audio files, and prepared QuickTime mov- ies. To complete the lessons, you must copy these files from the After Effects Classroom in a Book CD (inside the back cover of this book) to your hard drive. Setting up a folder structure Before you copy the source files to your hard drive, create the folder structure that you will use throughout these lessons. Because the project builds from lesson to lesson, this structure is very important as you progress, so be sure to take the time to set it up now. On your hard drive, create a new folder in a convenient location and name it AE_CIB job, following the standard procedure for your operating system: Windows--In the Explorer, select the folder or drive in which you want to create the new folder, and choose File > New > Folder. Then type the new name. Mac OS--In the Finder or desktop, choose File > New > New Folder. Type the new name and drag the folder into the location you want to use. Inside your new AE_CIB job folder, create eight more folders and name them as follows: · _aep · _ai · _audio · · · · · _mov _psd _txt Sample_Movies Finished_Projects You'll use these folders to store files by type, with Adobe Illustrator files in your _ai folder, your After Effects project files in the _aep folder, and so forth.