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Lesson 1. Creating 2D Elements from Hexagons

Lesson 1. Creating 2D Elements from Hexagons

In this lesson, you'll dive right into your job to create an entire element, from importing a simple geometric image to rendering the QuickTime movie. The art is abstract, but you'll make it interesting by rolling hexagons into patterns and making them turn, fade, and zoom in a complex series of movements. You'll get lots of experience using After Effects basic transform properties in ways that go far beyond the basics.

In this lesson, you'll learn to do the following:

  • Create After Effect project files

  • Import Adobe Photoshop files

  • Interpret imported alpha channels

  • Create compositions and add layers to them

  • Change the background color of a composition

  • Work with transform properties

  • Create and adjust keyframes to create animations

  • Duplicate layers

  • Change layer In points

  • Replace footage layers

  • Create RAM previews

  • Rename layers

  • Precompose multiple layers

  • Adjust velocity graphs

  • Render elements

You're about to begin work on two of the elements to be used in the final piece. Both elements animate to form a precise honeycomb of hexagons that fly in from off-screen at different times and from different directions. You'll use just two still files to do the job.

After an optional break, you'll continue this project, adding more levels of complexity to the honeycomb shape you'll create now. Finally, you'll replace the artwork to create a second standalone element for your final animation.

This lesson takes a total of at least two hours, but it is divided so that you can do the work in three sessions of about 30-45 minutes each.



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