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Lesson 10. Building the Final Animation

Lesson 10. Building the Final Animation

At this point, you bring everything together in one overall project, and your careful organization really pays off. Finding the files you need is much easier because you've thought ahead and taken the time to keep your file structure logical and tidy—setting a good example for when you go on to create even larger and more complex After Effects projects of your own.

In this lesson, you'll learn to do the following:

  • Import After Effects projects

  • Organize the Project window with multiple imported projects

  • Apply a track matte

  • Work with the Spherize, Lens Flare, and Bevel Alpha effects

  • Add a light to a composition and animate it

  • Place items in compositions at specific points in time

  • Rotoscope an image, using the mask tools

  • Create a realistic reflection layer

You continue compositing both 2D and 3D layers in a final composition to complete the animation. You'll start by building a reflection that you'll position on the glowing ball and add a light burst to it. Then, after making a number of adjustments and creating a some new layers, you'll import, place, and set properties for the final image files, which come together as the final scene, showing the client's logo. Then you'll be completely finished building the visuals and ready to render your final animation—which you'll do in Lesson 11.

This lesson takes approximately an hour and a half to complete.



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