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Lesson 2. Building Elements from Squares

Lesson 2. Building Elements from Squares

You don't need a lot of source files to get sophisticated results. You can create many complex animations using just the numerous controls, tools, and effects that are built into After Effects 5.0. But you can also take full advantage of files created in other Adobe products, such as Adobe Premiere, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator, when you incorporate them into your After Effects projects.

In this lesson, you'll learn to do the following:

  • Import layered Photoshop files as compositions

  • Use individual Photoshop layers as After Effects layers

  • Create and use guide lines in your composition

  • Use keyframe interpolation to control movements

  • Set a work area

  • Change Position keyframes by dragging

  • Apply transfer modes

  • Create a solid layer and apply the Lens Flare effect

  • Combine rendered elements into a single composition

This lesson is organized in five sections. When you finish all the work, you'll have several new elements that you'll pull into your final compositions in later chapters. In the process of creating these elements, you'll create and adjust several intermediate components, some of which you'll render before adding them to other compositions. This not only keeps your work area efficient, it speeds up the rendering process for the final project. Rendering now also makes it more likely that you'll discover any unwanted results right away, when it's easiest to correct them.

This entire lesson takes about two hours to complete. However, there are several natural stopping points indicated within the lesson where you can take breaks.



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