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Lesson 6. Building 3D Hexagon Elements > Creating the first element: 3D hexagon... - Pg. 165

Building 3D Hexagon Elements 165 Refer to "Note: (Windows only) If you do not see the Prefs file, be sure that the Show all files option is selected for Hidden files on the View tab of the Folder Options dialog box." on page 4 for the procedure, if necessary. Open and play the sample movies to see the elements you'll create in Lesson 6. When you finish, quit the QuickTime player. You can delete the sample movies now to save storage space, if nec- essary. You create both of these elements within a single project. Your first task is to create that project. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Start After Effects 5.0, if it is not already running. Choose File > New > New Project. Choose File > Save As. In the Save Project As dialog box, find and open the _aep folder in the AE_CIB job folder you created earlier. Type 3DHexagons06_work.aep to name the project, and then click Save. Creating the first element: 3D hexagons In this lesson, you'll create two elements with hexagons that appear to move in three-dimensional space. This first element includes solid-fill hexagonal shapes. You'll create the element using a single source file. Importing and organizing the source file You'll start by importing the hexagon illustration.