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Lesson 6. Building 3D Hexagon Elements

Lesson 6. Building 3D Hexagon Elements

The big news in this lesson is working in true 3D with a virtual camera to control the view. When you arrange layers in 3D space and then move the camera around, the viewer sees only what the camera sees. Because you set up your layers in a tube-like arrangement of spinning hexagon rings, watching one of these elements is like riding through a tunnel with moving geometric walls.

In this lesson you learn to do the following:

  • Move and orient layers in 3D space

  • Use orthogonal views for 3D layers

  • Define keyboard shortcuts for 3D views

  • Add a camera layer

  • Set keyframes to move a camera in 3D space

  • Duplicate compositions and replace layers to create new elements

  • Render multiple compositions in one session

Unlike the Rings.mov element you built in Lesson 3—which you made appear to swivel by applying a 3D effect—this lesson involves real 3D layers that have rotation and position coordinates in all three directions. This 3D involves a camera, so that you place the individual layers in space and then move the camera around them, pointing it at them from different distances and from various angles.

This chapter takes about an hour and a half to complete, plus the amount of time required to render the compositions on your computer. When you finish this lesson, you will have two additional elements to add to your final composite.



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