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Lesson 8. Beginning the 3D Composite > Adding the hexagon layer

Adding the hexagon layer

Next you add the hexagon element, rotating and positioning it in 3D space so that it resembles a platform on which the actress stands.

Move the current-time marker to 0:00 and set the Composition window magnification to a convenient level for your monitor size.

In the Project window, select the Hexagon01.psd file and drag it to the Timeline window so that it is Layer 1 in the layer stack.

In the Switches panel, click the 3D layer switch () to make the hexagons a 3D layer. The layer disappears in the Composition window.

In the Composition window, select Top view (or press F11), and notice where the Hexagon01.psd layer is in relation to the camera. To see this, click the Camera 1 layer to see its path (the condensed line of X's), and then click the Hexagon01.psd layer to see its layer handles. Layer 1 is behind the camera, so it does not appear in Active Camera view.

Move the pointer over the blue Z-axis arrow of the Hexagon01.psd layer so that the pointer appears with a small Z. Drag the layer toward the top of the Composition window so that it is positioned in front of (above) the camera. If necessary, reduce the magnification even further (choose View > Zoom Out) to see the pasteboard as you do this.

A. Camera B. Hexagon01.psd layer

Select Active Camera view (press F12). The Hexagon01.psd layer now appears in the Active Camera view because it is in front of the camera in 3D space.



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