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Lesson 8. Creating a Title > The Title window

The Title window

Use the Title window in Premiere to create title files with text and simple graphic images to be used only in Premiere projects. You can use the Title window when you first launch Premiere—with an untitled Project window open—or you can create them with an existing or new project open. You can also have more than one Title window open.

Choose File > New > Title to open the Title window.

Title window A.Tools B. Draft button C. Line Width slider D. Object and Shadow colors E. Gradient and Transparency settings F. Shadow Offset control G. Title-safe zone H. Action-safe zone

Reposition the Title window so that it does not obscure the Project window.

Resize the Title window if you like by dragging the lower right corner of the window.

The main work area is bounded by two dotted-line boxes. The inner box represents the title-safe zone; the outer box represents the action-safe zone. Text placed outside the title-safe zone may appear blurry or distorted on some television monitors. Graphic images beyond the action-safe zone may not be visible on some television monitors.Various tools are grouped at the upper left in the Title window. Notice that some tools have more than one function, depending on where you click the tool icon.

You can specify that a title is a draft by clicking the Draft button under the tool area. Availability of the Line Width Slider depends on the tool selected. Object and Shadow colors can be specified in the Title window, as can the Gradient and Transparency settings and the Shadow Offset.

When you open the Title window, Premiere adds the Title menu to the title bar at the top of the Premiere screen. The Title menu contains the commands for setting the font, size, style, alignment, orientation, rolling title options, and shadow options.

Click Title and review the available menu items and current defaults.

You can also access the menu items directly from the Title window if you right-click (Windows) or Control-click (Mac OS) anywhere in the Title window.

Some Title window settings require the use of the Title Window Options dialog box. These include size (specified in pixels), background color, aspect ratio, and settings for show safe titles, NTSC color, and opacity.

Access the Title Window Options dialog box by doing one of the following:

  • Choose Window > Window Options > Title Window Options

  • Right-click (Windows) or Control-click (Mac OS) in the title bar in the Title window and click again on Title Window Options.

Click Cancel to close the dialog box.



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