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Lesson 8. Creating a Title > Review questions

Review questions

1:How do you create a new title?
A1: Choose File > New > Title.
2:How do you change the color of title text?
A2: Select the text, click the Object Color swatch and pick a new color from the Color Picker.
3:How do you add a shadow?
A3: Select the object, then adjust the Shadow Offset control in the Title window toolbox.
4:How do you change the opacity of text or a graphic?
A4: Select the text or graphic, then drag one of the Transparency sliders to a new setting.
5:How do you adjust the speed of a rolling title?
A5: The duration of a title clip can be changed once it has been placed onto the Timeline of a project.
6:What is a reference frame?
A6: A reference frame is a frame from another title, still image, or video clip that you can copy to your title and use as a reference to help determine what colors to use, to precisely position text over an image, or to provide a guideline for drawing an image.
7:What is the difference between rolling and crawling text titles?
A7: Rolling text moves across the screen vertically, either top-to-bottom or bottom-to-top. Crawling text moves horizontally, either left-to-right or right-to-left.
8:How do you add a title to a video program?
A8: Premiere automatically adds a new title to the project that is open when you name and save the new title file. To add an existing title, open the project and title files; then, drag the title from the Title window to the Project window; or choose Clip > Add Clip to Project. Alternatively, with only the project file open, choose File > Import > File and specify the title to import into the project.
9:How do you add tracks to a project?
A9: From the Timeline window menu, choose Add Video Track or Add Audio Track to add a single track. Multiple tracks are added through the Timeline > Track Options box.



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