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Lesson 8. Creating a Title > Adding titles to the Timeline - Pg. 234

Creating a Title 234 · Open an existing or new project, then open an existing title file that you want to add to the project. The Title window will open and display the title. With the Title window active, choose Clip > Add This Clip to the Project. (This is useful if your Project window is obscured, making dragging and dropping difficult.) Save the project. · Open an existing or new project, then choose File > Import > File, specify the title file, and click Open. As with any imported clip, this method adds the title clip to the project without opening the title clip. Adding titles to the Timeline So far in this lesson, you have created some title clips and Premiere has added them to the project automatically. You will superimpose two of the titles over the video clip; so, you'll need to add a another superimpose track to the Timeline. Adding tracks to the Timeline In Single Track Editing mode, a new project opens with two video tracks, a transition track, and three audio tracks. Video 2 and higher tracks are used for superimposing. Adobe Premiere 6.0 supports up to 98 superimpose tracks in the Timeline. You can add or remove superimpose tracks at any time. New video tracks appear above existing video tracks; new audio tracks appear below existing audio tracks. Note Video 1, Video 2, Transition, Audio 1, Audio 2, and Audio 3 tracks cannot be deleted. 1. With 08Lesson.ppj open, and either the Project window or the Timeline window active, choose