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Lesson 8. Creating a Title > Previewing rolling and crawling titles

Previewing rolling and crawling titles

You can preview a rolling or crawling titile by dragging the preview slider bar at the bottom of the Title window's toolbox. Premiere plays back the rolling or crawling text object in the Title window.

Using the selection tool (), click to select the rolling title bounding box for Poem.ptl.

Click the Preview Slider button on the preview slider bar, located at the bottom left corner in the Title window, and drag to the right.


The Title Window Slider previews only the text; not special timings. Special timings depend on the clip's duration in frames; so, you must add the title to the Timeline and preview the title with its special timings in the Timeline.

When you started the preview, you may have noticed that the text was already on the screen at the beginning of the roll; when the roll ended, the last word was still on the screen, at the bottom. To make the text roll onto the screen instead of starting on-screen, you need to insert blank lines before the first word of the text. Similarly, you add blank lines to the end of the text if you want the text to roll all the way off screen at the end.

For this lesson, the Octopus poem rolls onto the screen at the beginning and then stays on-screen at the end.

With the Title window of Poem.ptl active, select the text tool and click anywhere in the text area.

Scroll to the top of the text and make an insertion point before the first letter of the first word, Octopus.

Press Enter (Windows) or Return (Mac OS) three times to add three blank lines at the beginning of the rolling title.


Even though it doesn't appear to move the text off the screen, the carriage returns will create the desired effect when you preview.

Click anywhere in the Title window to deselect the text box, and then preview the Octopus title clip again by dragging the preview slider bar.

Save the Poem.ptl file.



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