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Lesson 2. About Digital Video Editing > How Adobe Premiere fits into video prod...

How Adobe Premiere fits into video production

Making video involves working through three general phases:


Involves writing the script, visualizing scenes by sketching them on a storyboard, and creating a production schedule for shooting the scenes.


Involves shooting the scenes.


Involves editing the best scenes into the final video program, correcting and enhancing video and audio where necessary. Editing includes a first draft, or rough cut, where you can get a general idea of the possibilities you have with the clips available to you. As you continue editing, you refine the video program through successive iterations until you decide that it's finished. At that point you have built the final cut. Premiere is designed for efficient editing, correcting, and enhancing of clips, making it a valuable tool for post-production.

The rest of this chapter describes fundamental concepts that affect video editing and other post-production tasks in Premiere. All of the concepts in this section and the specific Premiere features that support them are described in more detail in the Adobe Premiere 6.0 User Guide.

If any stage of your project involves outside vendors, such as video post-production facilities, consult with them before starting the project. They can help you determine what settings to use at various stages of a project and can potentially help you avoid costly, time-consuming mistakes. For example, if you're creating video for broadcast, you should know whether you are creating video for the NTSC (National Television Standards Committee) standard used primarily in North America and Japan; the PAL (Phase Alternate Line) standard used primarily in Europe, Asia, and southern Africa; or the SECAM (Sequential Couleur Avec Memoire) standard used primarily in France, the Middle East, and North Africa.

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