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Lesson 6. Station Identification > Staggering the animation

Staggering the animation

In this section, you will assemble the Side comps into the final composition, staggering the animated letters so they begin at different times and enter the frame from different angles.

  1. Double-click Final Comp in the Project window, and set the current time to 05:12.

  2. Drag the Side Comps folder from the Project window into the Time Layout window. All the layers are stacked on top of each other in the Composition window, so you will see only the top layer until you move them.

    Now you'll set scale and position keyframes for the layers you just added to Final Comp.

  3. Make sure all the Side layers are selected in the Time Layout window, and press the S key to display the Scale property.

  4. Click the Scale value for any one of the layers, enter 50 for Scale, and click OK.

    Figure .

  5. Press the P key to display the Position property, and then move the current-time marker to 12:00.

  6. In the Composition window, click the safe-zones icon to show the action-safe and title-safe zones. Make sure to place the letters within the action-safe zone.

    If you have a small monitor, reduce the Magnification to 50%. This will ensure that the letters stay in the composition.

  7. Deselect all the layers, and then select the K/Side composition layer in the Time Layout window.

  8. In the Composition window, start with the K/Side composition, and move the four Side comps to the positions where you want them to end up. Use the last frame of the final movie as a reference.

    Figure .



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