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Lesson 5. Horror Festival Ad > Creating a gradient wipe

Creating a gradient wipe

To finish the project, dripping blood obscures the screen and a woman fades in and screams. To make the blood seem to drip, you'll use the Gradient Wipe effect and a gradient layer image to modify a red solid color layer. The gradient layer image, Blend.ai, was created in Illustrator.

  1. Right-click (Windows) or Control-click (Mac OS) in the Project window, choose Import>FootageFile, and then select the Blend.psd file in the 05Lesson folder. Click Open, and then click Done.

    Because the Blend layer is being used to modify the red solid layer, it must be in the Time Layout window, but you don't need to see it. You can use the Send Layer to Back command to move the layer to the bottom of the layer stack in the Time Layout window.

  2. Set the current time to 22:04, drag Blend.psd from the Project window into the Time Layout window, and choose Layer > Send Layer to Back.

  3. Choose Layer > New Solid, type Red for the name, set the size to 320 x 240, click the color swatch to change the solid color to a blood red, and then click OK. Click OK again to close the Solid Settings dialog box.

  4. With the Red solid layer selected in the Time Layout window, choose Effect> Transition> Gradient Wipe.

    The Gradient Wipe effect creates a transition based on the luminance values of a second layer, called the gradient layer. The luminance of a pixel in the gradient determines the time at which the corresponding pixel in the first layer will become transparent. Lighter areas of the gradient layer represent those areas that will become solid first, followed by darker areas.

  5. In the Time Layout window, press the E key to display the Effect properties, and display the Gradient Wipe effect properties. Then create an initial Transition Complete keyframe at 22:04, and set the value to 100.

  6. In the Gradient Wipe effect in Effect Controls window, choose the Blend.psd image from the Gradient Layer menu. The other defaults remain the same.

    Figure .

  7. Move the current time to 23:15, and change the Transition Complete value to 0.

  8. Set the time to 22:20, and then preview the effect using the Jog control at the bottom of the Time Controls palette.

    Figure .

  9. Collapse the layer outlines and close the Effect Controls window.



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