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Lesson 5. Horror Festival Ad > Animating masks

Animating masks

To create the effect of the ghost changing shape, you will animate the masks by setting Mask Shape keyframes and Position keyframes. The intent here is to change the shape of the ghost slightly, not to move it around on the screen. To save time, a library of keyframes has been provided. You can experiment on your own or use the keyframes from the library.

  1. In the Time Layout window, make sure the current time is set to 00:00, select the Ghost layer, press the M key to display the Mask Shape properties, and then set an initial Mask Shape keyframe for the Ghost Body mask.

  2. Set the current time to 01:00, and double-click the Ghost layer to open it in a Layer window. Now modify the Bezier mask to change the ghost's shape: click outside the mask to deselect all control points, click the mask outline to select it, and then click a specific control point to select it and drag it slightly in or out to change the shape of the mask.

    A new Mask Shape keyframe is automatically created. After Effects will interpolate the movement between keyframes, creating ghostly motion.

  3. Set the current time to 02:00, and then adjust some control points to create a new shape for the mask in the Ghost Body layer. Adjust control points again to create another shape at 03:00.

    Figure .

  4. Close the Layer window, and then preview the animation by clicking the RAM Preview button, or press the 0 key on your numeric keypad.

    You will change the mask shape several more times, at one second intervals, until you have about ten seconds of wafting motion. Although you can continue to create mask shapes on your own, you can speed things up by copying and pasting keyframes you have already completed, or you can use the library of Mask Shape keyframes described next. If you choose to create your own shapes, skip ahead to step 9 of the next section when you are done.



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