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Lesson 2. Ballet Special Bumper > Rendering the final movie

Rendering the final movie

To finish the composition, you will display the video.

  1. Display the video for all the layers by selecting the Video switches for the Sunday, Afternoon, At The, and Sugar.mov layers.

  2. Choose Composition > Make Movie.

  3. Type Movie.mov for the name, and save the file into your Projects folder.

The Render Queue window displays all the items that you have ever rendered for the project. The draft movie you rendered earlier appears as the first item in the Render list. Its status indicates that the movie is done. The newest item appears at the bottom of the list. Its status indicates that it is queued.

Figure .


Note: After Effects saves these rendered items in the Render Queue with the project file for your reference. To delete an item from the Render Queue, select the item by clicking the composition name, and then press Delete.

  1. For Render Settings, choose Best Settings. To modify the settings, click the underlined phrase Best Settings.

  2. For Time Span, choose Length of Comp.

    The default Time Span is the work area. You can select the Length of Comp, or set a custom length by clicking the Set button. Click OK.

  3. For Output Module, choose Custom, and for Format, choose QuickTime Movie.

  4. In Windows, the Compression Settings dialog box appears. Leave Compressor set to Animation, and then click OK. In Mac OS, leave all settings at their defaults.

  5. Select Import into Project When Done.

    Now you will set the audio options. Since the final goal of the project is to create a sample file to present to a client, you will select a low range of audio options.

  6. Select the Audio Output option to include audio in the movie, and then choose 22.050 KHz from the left menu.

  7. Choose 8-bit from the center menu. This is the standard sample depth for playback on computers. (16-bit is the standard for compact disc audio.) Choose Mono from the right menu.

    Figure .

  8. Leave the rest of the settings at their defaults, and then click OK.

  9. Click the Render button.

  10. When you are finished rendering the movie, open the footage file that appears in your Project window, play it, and then save and close the project.

  11. Exit from After Effects.

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