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Lesson 2. Ballet Special Bumper > Creating a draft movie

Creating a draft movie

To see the motion of the ballet letters, you'll create a draft movie of just the letter layers. A draft movie is especially useful if you don't have enough RAM to preview the whole composition using RAM Preview.

  1. Deselect the Hide Shy Layers button ( ), and then deselect the Video switches ( ) to hide the video for all layers except those containing the letters in the word ballet. For more information, see "Video, Audio, and Lock switches" .

  2. Set the end of the work area to 10:10.

    Figure .

  3. Choose Composition > Make Movie, type Draft1.mov for the name, and save the file in your Projects folder.

  4. For Render Settings, choose Draft Settings.

    Instead of using the MoviePlayer application to view this movie, you will import it directly into your project, and then view the movie from within After Effects.

  5. For Output Module, choose Custom, and for Format, choose QuickTime Movie.


Note: QuickTime is the default format in Mac OS.

  1. In Windows, the Compression Settings dialog box appears. Leave Compressor set to Animation, and then click OK. In Mac OS, leave all settings at their defaults.

  2. Select Import into project when done, and then click OK.

    After the draft movie is rendered, it will appear as a footage item in your Project window.

  3. Click Render.

  4. After the draft movie is finished rendering, close the Render Queue window, and then activate the Project window, double-click the Draft1.mov footage item, and play the movie.

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