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Lesson 3. Animated L-Train Logo > Animating the logo

Animating the logo

Now that the template is set up, you will begin to position and animate the logo elements, starting with the word train. You'll use the Basic Text effect to create and animate text on a new solid layer.

  1. Choose Layer > New Solid, and name it Train Logo. Set the 320 × 240, change the color to black, and click OK.

    Figure .

    The new black layer obscures the other layers in the composition. Now you'll create the text for the logo.

  2. With the Train Logo layer selected, choose Effect > Text > Path Text. Choose Gil Sans Bold or a similar font and type the word train in lowercase. Click OK.

    The word train appears in the center of your screen in red. Next, you will change the settings for this text.

  3. In the Effect Controls window, change the Shape Type to Line. Change the Alignment to Center. Click the color swatch and change the text color to black.

  4. In the Composition window, drag the Train Logo layer so that the word train is directly on top of the word train in the template. If the words are not the same size, change the Size value in the Effect Controls window so the Train Logo layer matches the template.

  5. In the Time Layout window, display the Train Logo properties, the Effects properties, and the Path Text properties. With the current time still at 0:00:00, set an initial Tracking keyframe.

  6. In the Effect Controls window, use the Tracking slider to change the tracking so the word train spreads out across the screen.

    Figure .

  7. Move the current-time marker to four seconds (0:04:00) and change the tracking so it matches the template. Preview your motion to make sure the letters appear as if they are coming together.

    Now you'll fade in the text.

  8. Move the current-time marker back to 0:00:00. Press the T key to display the Opacity property. Set an initial Opacity keyframe, and change the value to 0.

  9. Move the current-time marker to 0:01:00, and change the Opacity value to 100.

  10. Close the Effect Controls window.



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