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Lesson 3. Animated L-Train Logo > Creating a template for a composition

Creating a template for a composition

You're going to create a composition that contains all the animated elements in the logo. First, you'll add a composite of the logo that was created in Illustrator. After scaling and positioning the logo, you will use the logo layer as a template for aligning the rest of the elements in the animation.

  1. Choose Composition > New Composition, and type Motion Comp for the name. All the settings should be the same as the previous composition: 320 × 240 in size, 30 frames per second, and 08:00 duration. Click OK.

  2. Drag the Merged/Logo.ai footage item from the Project window to the Time Layout window.

    Adding an item in this way automatically centers it in the Composition window.

    Since the logo was created using black shapes, you will change the background color of the Composition window to white so that you can see the artwork.

  3. Choose Composition > Background Color.

  4. Click the color swatch, select white from the color picker, click OK, and then click OK again in the Background Color dialog box.

    The background stays with the composition when you render a movie. When you render a movie with an alpha channel, the background becomes transparent. When you insert a composition inside another composition, the inserted composition's background becomes transparent.

  5. Click the safe-zones icon in the Composition window to display the title-safe and action-safe zones.

    Figure . Safe-zones icon

    Next, you will scale the template layer to fit within the title-safe zone, and then set the Opacity to 20%.

  6. Click the triangle for the Merged/Logo.ai layer in the Time Layout window, and then click the triangle to display the Transform properties.

  7. With the layer selected in the Composition window, click a corner handle and hold down the mouse button, hold down the Shift key, and then drag until the Scale value displayed in the Info palette is 90%. Holding down the Shift key while resizing a graphic preserves its proportion.

    The logo now fits inside the title-safe zone.

  8. In the Time Layout window, click the underlined Opacity value, set the Opacity to 20, and click OK.

    Figure .

  9. To rename the Merged/Logo.ai layer in the Time Layout window, select the layer and press Enter or Return. Type Template for the new name of the layer, and press Enter or Return again to apply the name.

  10. Click the Lock switch to lock the layer, and then collapse the layer outline.



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