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Lesson 3. Animated L-Train Logo > Continuously rasterizing

Continuously rasterizing

Notice how jagged the edges of the circle look. The Merged/Circle.ai file you imported is Illustrator path-based art. After Effects rasterizes the file, or converts it to a pixel-based image format. When you change the scale or otherwise transform a raster image, the edges can become jagged. To smooth the edges of the circle, you'll select the Continuously Rasterize switch in the Time Layout window.

  1. To better see the changes continuous rasterization can make, click the Quality switch icon for the Merged/Circle.ai layer to select Best quality. See "Layer switches" .

    Figure . Quality set to draft (left) and Best (right) in the Time Layout window

  2. With the current time still at 01:00, select the Continuously Rasterize switch for the Merged/Circle.ai layer. A star shape appears in the Switches panel.

    Figure . Continuously Rasterize switch selected

    Notice how the jagged edges of the circle are smoothed out.

  3. Move the current-time marker to 01:15. The image decreases in size, but the pixel information is recalculated so that the edges still appear smooth.

  4. Try deselecting and selecting the Continuously Rasterize switch to see the effects as you move to different points in time.

    The Continuously Rasterize feature is not available for Illustrator files that have visual effects or masks applied to them. Notice that in the Continuously Rasterize column for the Train Logo layer, no box is displayed. This means that you cannot continuously rasterize the layer because a mask has been applied to the layer.

    Figure . If no box is displayed, continuous rasterization is unavailable

    The Continuously Rasterize feature also may slow down previewing, because the image pixel information is recalculated with every editing change. To increase previewing speed, turn off the option until you are finished positioning elements.

  5. Deselect the Continuously Rasterize switch to turn it off, click the Quality switch to select Draft quality, and collapse the layer outline.



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