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Chapter 8. Watching DVD Video with PowerDVD

Chapter 8. Watching DVD Video with PowerDVD

In This Chapter

  • Loading and playing a DVD movie

  • Using the standard DVD player controls

  • Using bookmarks

  • Viewing subtitles

  • Watching DV files from your hard drive

  • Project: Capturing and E-mailing Images from Digital Video

When you bought your DVD recorder, you may not have considered the primary “fringe benefit” of that purchase: the ability to watch DVD-Video discs on your computer. In fact, many videophiles prefer the sharper picture you'll get with a computer monitor over a standard TV set; if you've spent the money on a sophisticated surround sound speaker system and subwoofer for your PC, you may also enjoy better audio during the movie by watching it on your computer. These days, some DVD movie discs even come with programs such as trivia games and 3-D models that you can run only if you've loaded the disc in a DVD drive.

In this chapter, I'll use the PowerDVD software viewing program that accompanies the HP DVD-Writer drive: You'll learn how to operate the same “virtual” controls on your screen (using your mouse and your keyboard) that you would find on an actual DVD player remote control. In addition, I'll also demonstrate how you can display digital video files straight from your computer's hard drive—something that your mundane DVD player can't do—and how you can capture images directly from the display and e-mail them to friends and family. Gather the family around that 19-inch monitor and fix a bowl of popcorn—PowerDVD is about to turn your computer into a movie theater!



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