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E-mailing Photographs

Besides printing images, PhotoRelay also works hand in hand with your e-mail software to send pictures from your albums across the Internet. By default, Windows XP uses Outlook Express for sending and receiving e-mail, so that's what I'll use in this section.

✓ To send a single picture from within PhotoRelay using Outlook Express, follow these steps:

Click on the Album drop-down list, and click on the desired album.

Click on the thumbnail for the photograph you want to send as an e-mail attachment to select it. (Note that you can select only one image when sending mail with PhotoRelay.)


When selecting a picture to send, don't forget that most Internet e-mail servers place a limit on the size of an e-mail attachment—whenever possible, it's a good rule to keep your attachments below 1 MB in size.

Click the SendMail icon on the toolbar—naturally, it looks like an envelope—and PhotoRelay automatically runs Outlook Express (or whatever e-mail program you've chosen in Windows) and prepares a new message, as shown in Figure 11.11. Note that the attachment has already been added; the size of the attached picture is also listed next to the filename, so you can keep an eye on the total file size for the message.

Figure 11.11. Sending an image in e-mail couldn't be much more convenient!

Type the recipient's e-mail address in the To: field (or click the To: button to add the recipients from your Address Book).

By default, PhotoRelay adds a subject using the name of the image, but you can click in the Subject: field and type a new subject if you like.

Click in the message edit box and type the text of your e-mail message.

When you're ready to “post” your e-mail message with the picture attached, click the Send button in the toolbar. Figure 11.12 illustrates a completed message, ready to send.

Figure 11.12. This message is ready to go.



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