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Printing Photographs

Although this chapter naturally focuses on recording your digital photographs, I'd like to take a moment to demonstrate how you can print a photograph from a PhotoRelay album. This program is wonderful for cataloging your images, and it's easy to print a photo directly from within an album—if you own a Hewlett-Packard photo-quality inkjet printer, for example, you can produce an image on glossy paper that looks as good as a print from a film camera!

✓ To print a single photograph from within PhotoRelay, follow these steps:

Click on the Album drop-down list to display the names of the albums you've created, and click on the desired album.

Click on the thumbnail for the photograph you want to print to select it.

Click the Print icon on the toolbar (you guessed it, the icon that looks like a printer), and PhotoRelay displays the Print dialog you see in Figure 11.8. To print a single image that you've previously selected, click Print the current selected image.

Figure 11.8. Will that be one photograph or many?

The second Print dialog (shown in Figure 11.9) allows you to add a title or frame—you can optionally center your photo in the middle of the page or even create a 5x5 jewel case label for a CD case. (A nifty feature, indeed!) Click the desired checkboxes to enable or disable these features as necessary.

Figure 11.9. Setting options for our printed page.

Next, drag the slider on the right side of the dialog to change the size of the photograph on the printed page; PhotoRelay displays the effects of the resizing in the preview window. You can also click and drag the image placeholder around on the page to move it wherever you like.

If you elected to add a title to the page, double-click in the title placeholder to type the text; PhotoRelay displays the Edit Text dialog you see in Figure 11.10. Note that you can also highlight the title text in the edit box and choose a new font for the title.

Figure 11.10. Changing the text for the page title.

By default, PhotoRelay prints a single copy of the photograph; to produce multiple copies of the picture, click in the Copies field and enter the desired number.

To print to your default Windows system printer, click Print—to choose another printer or to change printer options, such as DPI or image quality, click Printer Setup.



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