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Chapter 10. Recording Advanced Formats and Video CD Discs

Chapter 10. Recording Advanced Formats and Video CD Discs

In This Chapter

  • Comparing Video CDs and DVD Video discs

  • Understanding mixed-mode recording

  • Understanding multisession recording

  • Recording with a disc image

  • Project: Creating a Video CD with Digital Video

  • Project: Recording a Promotional CD-Extra Disc

  • Project: Burning a Bootable CD

Throughout most of the earlier chapters, I've focused on recording standard DVD data and video formats, as well as basic data and audio CDs. However, there's an entire chapter's worth of advanced CD recording formats that have been popular for many years that I need to discuss—you might not need one of these specialized disc formats every day, but it's important to know how to create video CD, mixed-mode, bootable, and multisession discs when the situation calls for them.

My application of choice for this chapter is Roxio's Easy CD Creator Platinum, which ships with many CD and DVD recorders; you'll also learn how to create copies of a CD or DVD using a disc image. Our three projects will demonstrate how to record a standard Video CD disc, a CD-Extra disc that can be used with DVD players and audio CD players, and a bootable data CD.

Note that MyDVD version 3.5 will also create a proprietary type of Video CD disc called a cDVD disc; for more information on burning cDVDs with MyDVD, see the section titled “Recording the Disc” in Chapter 6.



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