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Chapter 6. Recording a DVD with Existing Files > Adding Video Clips Manually

Adding Video Clips Manually

✓ Buttons on a MyDVD menu can also display video clips from your hard drive. Follow these steps to add movies to your DVD project:

Click the Get Movies button on the MyDVD toolbar—the program displays the contents of the My Documents\My Videos folder in the Add movies to menu dialog (Figure 6.7). Navigate to the location where you've saved your movies, select one or more files, and click Open.

Figure 6.7. Selecting video files from the My Videos folder.


You can also add movies by dragging the files directly from the Windows Explorer onto the menu editor.

Neat! MyDVD automatically adds a button that displays the movie, complete with a thumbnail image from the beginning of the video file (as shown in Figure 6.8). The movie's filename is used as the default button; as with a menu button, you can click on the label and type your own text, then press Enter to save it.

Figure 6.8. Our new video clip button looks very professional, don't you think?

It's often necessary to trim a video clip so that extraneous material at the beginning or ending of the movie doesn't appear in your project; consider this somewhat similar to cropping a digital photo using Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop. (Note that this process does not actually remove any frames from your digital video! It only “marks” the beginning and ending of the clip for your MyDVD project.) To trim the clip, double-click on it; MyDVD displays the Trim dialog you see in Figure 6.9, with thumbnail images of the start and ending frame, along with the duration, starting time, and ending time (If you're not familiar with the time notation used in video editing, everything is in hours:minutes:seconds:frames.) A Hollywood film has 24 frames per second (or FPS); PAL video has 25 FPS; and NTSC video has 30 FPS (it's actually 29.97, but everyone rounds it upward.)

Figure 6.9. Trimming excess from the beginning and ending of our clip.

To select the beginning point for your clip, click and drag the green slider (for the start frame) to the desired location—MyDVD updates the starting thumbnail preview image so that you can tell where you are within the video clip.

Select the ending point for your clip by clicking and dragging the red slider (for the end frame) to the desired location—again, the ending thumbnail preview image is updated as a reference.


For more precise control, click on the slider you want to move and press the left and right arrow keys to move backward and forward.

Satisfied with the trimmed video clip? If so, click OK to return to the menu. To cancel your changes without saving them, click Cancel—or, to start over with the trimming process, click Reset.

If you like, you can specify the thumbnail you want to display from anywhere within the video clip.

To delete a movie button, right-click on it and choose Delete Movie—note that this simply removes the button and the linked video clip, it does not delete your original video clip from your hard drive.



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