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Adding a Menu Manually

Like commercial DVD movies, you can create menus with MyDVD that allow branching movement (where you move from menu screen to menu screen by pressing a button on your DVD player's remote control)—each one of these submenu screens can also display buttons that can display photos or run video clips. In this way, you can build a simple menu tree; for example, you might have a Title screen with two submenu buttons. One button takes the viewer to a submenu screen dedicated to videos of the family pet, and the other submenu screen would include videos of your family vacation.

✓ MyDVD makes it easy to create menus. Follow these steps to add a menu:

Click the Menu button at the upper right corner of the menu editor window. MyDVD adds the Untitled Menu button you see in Figure 6.4.

Figure 6.4. Adding a menu to a screen adds an Untitled Menu button.

Double-click on the Untitled Menu button to display the new submenu screen, as illustrated in Figure 6.5. Note that MyDVD automatically adds two buttons to the bottom of the new screen: the Home button (which takes you back to the main Title screen of the menu system) and the Previous button (which takes you back to the previous screen).

Figure 6.5. MyDVD automatically creates a submenu when necessary.


As you add menus, photos, and video clips, you'll note that the bar graph at the lower right corner of the menu editor will indicate how much space the project will occupy on a disc. If you're designing a disc with several large clips, it's a good idea to keep an eye on this gauge to make sure that your project doesn't exceed the capacity of a blank disc. (You can click on the drop-down button next to the gauge to switch between the 4.7-GB capacity of a DVD and the 650-MB capacity of a CD.)

Next, change the text on the menu button you've just created. Double-click on the Previous button—because we've added only one submenu, this button will take you back to the Title screen, as well. Click on the text “Untitled Menu” under the button you added, and MyDVD opens a text editing box (shown in Figure 6.6). Type the new label for the button and press Enter to save it.

Figure 6.6. Editing the text for a menu button.



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