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Chapter 6. Recording a DVD with Existing Files - Pg. 77

77 Chapter 6. Recording a DVD with Existing Files In This Chapter · · · · · Using the MyDVD Wizard Adding menus and buttons Editing menus, buttons, and text Verifying screen boundaries Previewing and recording your DVD · Project: Recording a DVD Video Disc with MyDVD · Project: Recording a cDVD Video Disc with a Custom Menu MyDVD is a great example of the new generation of DVD recording software--like Apple's iDVD on the Macintosh side, MyDVD makes it easy for anyone to create a DVD Video disc, complete with basic interactive menus! No longer do you need years of film editing experience, $20,000 of hard- ware and software, and the eye of a "starving video artist." MyDVD takes video clips directly from your hard drive and allows you to choose things such as backgrounds and buttons from an easy- to-use menu system; there's even a helpful wizard to guide you through the entire process, if you like. In this chapter, I'll show you all of the features of MyDVD, and we'll create a DVD with video clips of your family's summer vacation taken from your hard drive. Introducing MyDVD As you can see from Figure 6.1, there are actually two components to MyDVD: the menu bar and toolbar, which stretch across the top portion of the screen; and the menu editor, which occupies the center of the screen in its own movable dialog. You can resize the menu editor by dragging the lower right corner of the editor window. MyDVD also includes a wizard that we'll use to create a DVD later in the chapter. To run MyDVD from the Windows XP Start menu, click Start | All Programs | MyDVD | MyDVD.